Is this the beginning of 4D Technology?

by Heather McGreevy

We’ve just got our heads around the idea of 3D entertainment but already there has been a little rumour going around that there will indeed be a preview of 4D entertainment at the Lisbon design show, which starts tomorrow.

The 4D technology: ‘SMELLIT’ has apparently been created by Nuno Teixeira and has been developed for home use and entertainment. In theory, it is said that it will be possible to link the system up to your PC, television and gaming platforms such as the Xbox and Playstation. It will then be able to emit specific scents according to the film you’re watching or game you are playing in order to boost your entertainment experience.
However, this is not actually the first time people have been able to experience the concept of 4D technology. It was only recently that film production company “Dimensions Films” released kid’s movie “Spy Kids 4D”. The film was the first of its kind which allowed movie-goers to ‘smell what they saw’ with the provision of scent cards which had 8 different scents which could be sniffed at specific times throughout the film.

The development of SMELLIT however, will allow users to sit back and enjoy a film or engage in gaming without needing to use the likes of scent cards.

What are your predictions on 4D technology? Do you think its going to work or is it a step to far? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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