Microsoft acquisition of Skype gets EU go-ahead

by Emma Dunn

Microsoft’s $8.5 billion deal to buy Skype will be given the go ahead by the European Union’s competition commission, it has emerged.

Microsoft announced in May that it planned to buy the internet chatting platform, but first they had to gain approval from the world’s various competition committees before the deal could go ahead. The US Federal Commission took only a month to okay the deal, on the grounds that Skype will still have plenty of competition from the likes of Google Talk and Apple’s Facetime.

The official approval from the EU’s competition commissioner should come through very soon, but reviews are still taking place in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Taiwan. Still, the EU approval is a major win for Microsoft and, as long as everything else goes to plan, they are expecting to close the deal by the end of the year.

But what does this mean for Skype? Well, Microsoft will acquire all of Skype’s technologies, but it will remain as an independent division of the company and continue to be led by current CEO Tony Bates.

And if you’re worried that the Microsoft acquisition will mean the end of Skype for the likes of Android and iOS, don’t fret. Microsoft have promised that Skype will continue to be available on non-Microsoft operating systems.

In addition, they will be developing technologies that will connect Skype with popular Microsoft products such as Outlook, Xbox Live and a whole host of other communities. It will be interesting to see what the software giant can come up with.

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