Steve Jobs, Rest In Peace

by Kevin Gilmartin

It was only yesterday that I wrote on these very pages that past reports of Steve Jobs’ death had been exaggerated. Unfortunately, this morning, they are all too accurate. The visionary whose genius gave the world the iPod, iPhone and iPad, has died aged 56.

Steve’s health issues were well publicised. He publicly battled pancreatic cancer for years, and fresh whispers about his deteriorating health were never far away.

Despite a period of apparent good health and recovery, during which time he launched the iPhone and iPad with very memorable keynote speeches, he resigned as Apple’s CEO in August 2011, citing health issues as the reason. He stayed on as Chairman of Apple’s board of directors, and named Tim Cook as his preferred successor – a wish the board happily granted.

Late in the evening of October 5th, it was confirmed that Steve had passed away.

Steve Jobs IS the history of apple. From his dropping out of college after one semester, to founding the company with Steve Wozniak and Ronald wayne, right up to his dramatic departure and eventual return to the company, he has become synonymous with the Cupertino based tech giant. He made Apple so popular, and so succesful, that many Apple fans don’t even realise that the company FIRED HIM in 1985!

Tribute posts and obituaries are appearing all across the internet. Rather than get lost in our own, we thought we’d list a few of the most moving tributes from blogs and Twitter this morning:

The first, from Ashton Kutcher, sums up how many fans are feeling across the world today

I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs

This moving post sums up Steve’s legacy as well as we ever could, with a nice personal twist by the author:

Finally, a similar collection to this can be found over at appboy beta:

Everyone who has ever used a computer, a smartphone or a tablet computer; everyone whose day has ever been made a little easier because “there’s an app for that”, and every proud nerd, like you and me, who loves technology owes Steven Paul Jobs a debt of thanks. We are in mourning.
A candle for Steve, by Mark Steyn

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