iPhone 4S lands. Nobody cares much.

by Kevin Gilmartin

Update, 6th Oct ’11: less than 24 hrs after this post was published, the genuine news of Steve Jobs passing broke. We at Nerd Insider extend our deepest sympathies to Steve’s family and friends.

It had to happen eventually, I suppose. Apple announced a new product that left even the most loyal Apple fanboys going “meh…”

The Apple iPhone event yesterday (October 4th 2011) was the first in recent memory not hosted by Steve Jobs. The Apple founder’s heath problems have been well publicised. Like a modern Mark Twain, the reports of his death were an exaggeration and earlier in the year Jobs resigned as CEO of the Cupertino company.

In his resignation letter Jobs recommended that Tim Cook should take over the CEO position, whilst he himself remained on as Chairman of Apple’s board of directors. It was Cook who took center stage to announce the latest iPhone – the iPhone 4S.

The disappointments started early at Cook’s inaugural presentation with the revelation that there would be no iPhone 5, just the iPhone 4S. It had been widely predicted that Apple would announce both; the 5 model as a radical upgrade and the official next iteration, and the 4S model as a slightly tweaked “budget” iPhone.

Prior to the event Apple didn’t do anything to dispel the anticipation – how could thay? So when the iPhone 5 didn’t show many were left disappointed. As for the phone itself, it’s the same external design as the iPhone 4, with the insides tweaked to perform that little bit better.

The processor has gone from the A4 to a dual-core A5, like in the iPad2, and the weight has increased very slightly from 4.8 ounces to 4.9 ounces.

The camera functions have had a complete overhaul, with new optics, upping the megapixel count from 5MP to 8MP and adding face detection to the software. HD video recording has been improved, going from 720p up to 1080p with video stabilization.

The Battery life has gained an extra hour on 3G (8 hours) but has lost 100 hours of standby time, presumaby due to the chunky new A5 processor.

Apple believe that the killer app for the 4S will be the new voice recognition enabled assistant, Siri, which they believe will revolutionise the way we interact with our phones. More about Siri inthe video below.

Admittedly, Siri is pretty impressive stuff, but the rest of the iPhone 4S is not the souped-up device that many were expecting. In terms of hardware and features in the OS the updates to the 4S seem like playing catch-up.

With an ever increasing threat from Android across multiple handsets, we’re going to have to see a real revolution in the next device to come out of Cupertino – otherwise Apple’s fruit is in danger of going rotten.

What do you think of the iPhone4S? Any point upgrading from an iPhone4? Leave a shout below!

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