Google+ continues to grow since public launch

by Mhairi Steele

Following last week’s opening of Google+ to the general public, visits to the site have soared to the dizzy heights of 15 million in the US, compared to 1.1 million achieved the week previous. Google+ is now believed to have over 43 million users; a bit shy of Facebook’s 750 million, but it is early days yet with the network only a few months old.

With the launch of the social network to the public, Google wasted no time in adding games to the site, including the highly popular Angry Birds. In addition, Google has also got major games creator, Zynga, on board. The company is keen to keep updating the social networking site to ensure they don’t flop again. Who remembers Buzz? Exactly!

In addition to the inclusion of games, Google+ also added a new search feature, making it easier to find family and friends’ posts.

The ultimate aim of Google+ is to provide users with a reason for leaving Facebook, thus increasing their market share. However I am not entirely convinced that it will overtake Facebook as there isn’t a big enough reason to leave. At the moment there is nothing overtly unique about the platform as Facebook users can share posts, upload photos and videos, play games and organise people into lists already. The key to ensuring Google+ is a success is to attract a number of new users early on so that users have plenty of people to interact with and bring in a new innovative feature, otherwise users will lose interest.

Although with new updates and setting changes happening so often, Facebook may drive its own users away!

This has been dividing opinions across the industry and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you like Google+, will it become as popular as Facebook, will it even last? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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