Amazon’s Kindle Fire

by Kevin Gilmartin

Amazon put a cat among the pigeons this week with the launch of its Kindle Fire media tablet. The 7 inch tab runs a heavily modified version of Android 2.3 and is being touted as a tertiary device for media consumption, not a replacement for a PC or laptop.

Some bundled apps and the device’s main screen saver will feature advertisements, allowing Amazon to sell the Kindle Fire for just $199 when it launches in the US in October. Some analysts suggest that this means Amazon will lose $50 per device before ad revenue.

Also ad supported in the US is the new $79 Kindle e-reader. The same device has been launched simultaneously in the UK for the higher price of £89 (roughly $138) due to lack of ads subsidising it.

If the Kindle Fire follows in the same vein it is thought the UK price – again, without advertising – is expected to be around the £170 mark (around $265).

£170 is still pretty cheap for what’s being described as a decent media consumption tablet, but given the expected difference in price between the ad-supported US Kindle Fire and the probable non ad-supported UK version, will you be picking one up?

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