WorldCard Mobile App Review

by Jenna Mc

If your job involves meeting lots of new faces and networking, then you’ll probably have loads of business cards. You could look super cool and invest in one of those twirly business card holders or you could bring your business card collection into the 21st century with the WorldCard Mobile App. This nifty little app is a business card reader & business card scanner. It allows you to store all your business cards digitally in the most convenient place. . .your iPhone!

But you don’t need to be a high flying business type to have a need for this app. I used it to store the details for my hairdresser, favourite restaurants and friends. As a result there is a lot less rubbish in my purse! I was able to shove all the cards I have collected recently into a miscellaneous drawer and know that all the information I needed was saved in my phone.

The process was pretty simple as well. When the app had finished downloading I had a go adding my first business card. Without having to read the instructions I was able to do so in about 20 seconds. As long as the card is facing the correct way and you take a clear picture you can’t really go wrong. Once you take a picture of the business card, it recognises the text on it, and sorts it into a contact’s data fields, for example, the business name, the person’s name, their phone numbers, the email address, mailing address, website, etc. You can than transfer all that person’s info into your address book.

Although it has “automatic camera shake reduction” I did have some trouble trying to take a picture when I was in the car (simulating the experiences of a business type on the commute to work). The reader also had a problem recognising stylish text, like that of my favourite restaurant (which as you can see below was a difficult test). However, when the reader didn’t get all the information correct it was very easy to edit the data.

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