A glimspe of Windows 8

by Tim Chow

Windows 8 marks a huge change to the Windows that we have come to know over the years. There have been suggestions that Microsoft were fighting a losing battle as less people buy PC’s as the technology trend shifts towards tablets and smartphones. So Microsoft has finally responded with an OS that excels on these two formats.

The reaction to Windows 8 from those who have tried the developers preview version has been good, but we still have a while to wait as it isn’t scheduled for release for another nine months.

The biggest difference, one that has everyone talking, is the new GUI. The layout of Windows 8 has been extended from the phone version of Windows, using a series of picture tiles to open applications. This design called ‘Metro’ has been given centre stage as it changes the way you now control Windows. Other gestures such as swiping the right hand side reveals the start menu.

Even the blue screen of death had been brought up to the 21st century which now incorporates a sad text face. Rather than a bunch of words and numbers running down your screen, it simply says “ : ( Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart”.

Perhaps one question that has to be raised is how the new interface will translate onto laptops and PC’s that don’t have touch screen ability. It could be argued Microsoft has only borne tablets in mind while creating the new OS as the PC market continues to decline.

Watching videos of Windows 8 in action, it seems quick, smooth and responsive – Microsoft could have a challenger to the dominant market leader, Apple’s iPad, and I’m looking very much forward to its release.

Do you think Windows 8 is a challenger to the ipad? Will the new layout work on PC’s? Tell us in the comments section below.

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