End-Week Youtube Round-Up

by Dave Coates

There’s a time in every Friday afternoon where you just have to watch some stuff on youtube.

Partly because this is a great way to teach children who want to know the technical side of animation, partly because it reminds me of “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel, which is The Best.

I genuinely love the work of re-enactment dudes, and in dark moments wish I’d taken a history degree. My friends who have done history degrees are swift to disabuse me of such notions. The guy talking about the tree that made the press is also My Favourite.

Despite working on one of the coolest and most advanced learning robots the human race has yet known, they had the time to dress it up like a bull and make a little montage of it falling down. Good work, scientists!

Oh, just climbing to the top of Stalin’s skyscraper without any safety gear. You know. And I leave you with this to put everything into perspective:

Happy Friday you guys!

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