You’re Welcome, Internet: Midweek Youtube Roundup

by Dave Coates

Like that guy at a party who kept wanting to show you youtube videos.

There are times when pressing one’s ear to the streams of information at our fingertips can be a harrowing ordeal. A fountain that spells out the time with tiny jets of water is not going to save the planet but man, this afternoon I am the little kid who toddles up at 2:34.

Bill Hader, you from 2007′s Hot Rod starring Andy Samberg is on the phone and he wants to know what you’re doing with your career. Actually I looked it up and you’re going to be in Men in Black III and you from 2007 just cussed you out and hung up.

This is what me aged 8 thought being a grown up was going to be like. Turns out I’m like, Legostradamus.

I was really bad at technology at school, where the solder iron scar I dealt myself has only recently faded. So watching this guy create buzzy music-ish noise out of the parts I tried to meld to my clumsy teenage fingers is a bit like watching magic happen.

Nothing to do with technology. But proof nonetheless that realistic robot faces have a long way to go. This is like the Large Hadron Collider of faces.

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