Nike go Back to the Future

by Andrew Moir

Back in 1980s, the future looked so bright. By 2015 homes would have a fax machine in every room, you would use your thumbprint to open a door, cars could hover, cold fusion became possible and – perhaps most importantly – shoes were powered to tighten automatically around your feet. Just imagine the time and effort savings.

This was the future encountered by Marty McFly as he ventured forward in time in Back to the Future Part Two and now it seems that a little bit of that future is becoming a reality. Nike first patented the idea for power laces in 2010 rumours state they are set to be released.

Nike have sent out invitations to an event in LA tomorrow which hints at the release of Nike Air Mags as featured in the film. The invite features an array of BTTF merchandising including a set of Doc Brown’s aluminium glasses. If Nike have mastered the powered laces then it could be a real game changer for the whole industry.

Laces have perhaps been one of the biggest problems for lazy people of the modern era. Scientists have so far failed to get around the problem that feet are far away from hands and wearing shoes involves knowing how to tie a knot. If this problem has been resolved then it could be an iPod moment. MP3 players were once an intimidating and underused technology until Apple made them accessible to all. Similarly, many people want to wear shoes but it seems there are too many obstacles standing in their way. Perhaps within the next five years, everyone will be wearing shoes and venturing out into the world.

Now if only someone could invent a talking jacket that fits and dries automatically…..

Do you think power laces will catch on? Are there any other products from imagined futures you would like to see? Tell us in the comments section below.

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