The next iPhone 5 rumour…

by Debbie Clarke

As you may have noticed the iPhone 5 was not, as rumoured, launched yesterday, 5th September. And as is to be expected, new rumours are circulating already as to when this long awaited product will be released.

So what is the current rumoured date? October 21st, which just so happens to be the weekend that the iPod celebrates its 10th birthday. This is based on a leak from Best Buy in the US suggesting they have scheduled an “Apple fixture installation” for 6am that day.

Of course this fixture could be for any Apple product, but rumour has it Apple have also begun training staff on new software such as iOS5 and iCloud. Knowing that these will both be on the new iPhone and as Apple have, in the past, only trained staff on new software when a new product release is due, it’s easy to see why many are putting two and two together and getting 21st October.

We hope this most recent rumour turns out to be true!

Do you think you can wait any longer for actual confirmation of this products release? Let us know in the comments section below!

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