iPass uses Micro Focus to improve testing procedure

by Emma Dunn

Today, mobile technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives. According to Gartner, there were 1.6 billion mobile devices sold in 2010, which is 31.8% more than in 2009. As more and more of us access the internet through our mobile devices, it has become more important than ever to provide those devices with internet connection services that work, and work consistently.

iPass know all about this, as they provide mobile internet networks to hundreds of businesses around the world. They run a pretty big operation, as customers of iPass can connect to 500,000 WiFi hotspots and Ethernet venues in more than 160 countries worldwide. As a result, it is vital that iPass provide a service that is reliable.

Reliability comes through robust testing, but with the vast range of mobile networks, hardware models and operating systems currently in the mobile market, it can be difficult to test every single eventuality. Add that to the lightning speed that technology is currently progressing and you find that manual testing has become nearly impossible.

So, iPass have started using solutions from Micro Focus to improve their testing procedures: Silk Performance and Silk Test. These programs automate testing procedures, ensuring that the testing process is quick and reliable. New mobile models and operating systems can easily be added to the testing mix at any time, so iPass can now react quicker to the ever-evolving technology in the mobile market.

It also frees up the quality assurance operators, who no longer have to spend endless days testing. Now, they can focus on developing new innovations and making sure that iPass can provide an up to date and competitive service to their customers.

Blair Bullock, director of technology integration at iPass is delighted with the latest developments and feels that this new system will an impact on their entire business: “The exemplary use of Silk by iPass is just one example of how we are helping enterprises outpace the building momentum of today’s mobility trend. In fact, the business advantages that Silk provides are felt right across iPass operations.”
Striking the balance between automated and manual testing can be a tricky business, but iPass reckon they have got the formula right.

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