Apple has a newsworthy two days, here’s the lowdown

by Jac Thurmond

It’s been a busy Thursday and Friday in the world of Apple, and we couldn’t pick just one piece of news to share. So here’s everything you need to know about Apple this Friday:

  1. You might have guessed this already given the sheer amount of hype over the iPad, but it’s just been confirmed that Apple is on top with worldwide mobile PC shipments. They even managed to beat out Lenovo in China, which is quite a feat. Apple currently holds a 21.1% market share on mobile PCs, with 13.6 million units shipped.
  2. If you needed any motivation to get cracking with starting your own iPhone app production company, here’s one: a seven-year-old just beat you to it, mainstream news has recently picked up on. Connor Zamary just released Toaster Pop, his first app, taking control of everything from pitching to feedback to filling out paperwork for his own LLC to choosing his the development company. The kid even made his own Power Point presentation. Maybe if you start now, you might get an app produced before Connor comes out with the 2.0 version (already in the works)
  3. Pirates and counterfeiters beware! New York stores Apple Story and Fun Zone, both owned by Janie Po Chiang, have been accused of selling knock-off iPods, iPhones and iPad acessories with the Apple logo, and the documents behind the lawsuit were finally unsealed on Thursday. The most important part of the lawsuit, if they ever want to stem the tide of illegal Apple knock-offs coming into the US, is going to be whether or not Apple can get information on all the customers who purchased counterfeit goods. This comes just as Apple has been fighting a legal battle against a group of fake Apple stores in China.
  4. Speaking of sketchy business practices, Apple’s found itself in hot water in China for selling refurbished iPhones as new. In at least two separate cases, in fact. Oops. Cosumer rights advocate Wang Hai said: “It’s cheating to sell refurbished products as new ones. It’ll be discrimination against Chinese consumers if the case turns out to be true as refurbished cellphones are also sold in other countries, but at a cheaper price.” It could just be a case of store management acting independently from company policy, but as for long-term legal rammifications, stay tuned.
  5. A newly filed patent is hinting that Apple might be planning on bringing augmented reality maps to its camera app. Get a look at the whole patent here. Persumably, this is going to be a project closely involved with Google, as they currently give Apple access to Streetview. Looks exciting!

Got any other news you’ve picked up on in the world of Apple? Share with us in the comments section below.

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