Google+ public posts to appear in social search

by Emma Dunn

In a further attempt to make search results more relevant to the individual, Google announced on Friday that they would be introducing public Google+ posts to social search.

Google’s social search is already taking information from many other networks including Blogger, YouTube, Quora, Flickr, Google Reader and Twitter, which appear as annotations next to the search results. However, Google are now adding public posts from Google+ into the equation.

So, for example, if you search for a local restaurant and one of your buddies on Google+ has already reviewed it, it will appear in your search results like this (image courtesy of Google’s blog):

However, you need to be signed up to Google+ and logged in to see these results. It’s also worth noting that only public posts will be visible in search, and private updates won’t be shown.

The changes should be rolled out to users throughout the next few days, but some are saying that the addition of Google+ posts won’t actually change much.

For example, Search Engine Land say that the latest addition won’t alter the integral function of social search: “Google Social Search continues to operate as before. Things shared socially at places like Twitter and Facebook by those you’re connected with may appear with annotations and rank better in results. […] The main difference is, as Google’s post says, is that things you share on Google+ itself are now part of the mix.”

Google are also hoping to revive real time search, which died earlier this year after they struggled to come to an agreement with Twitter, who provided the lion’s share of their real time results. There is no re-launch date for the service as of yet, but most are expecting Google+ posts to become an integral part of the offering.

Do you think the addition of Google+ will make a significant change to your search results? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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