Tech gadgets to help you sleep at night

by Jenna Mc

Some people crash as soon as their head hits the pillow but others need help falling asleep. Lots of people listen to music to help them drift off in to dream world but if you have tried this you will understand how uncomfortable it can be. Sleeping with headphones on can hurt your ears when they separate you from your nice comfy pillow.

But now you will no longer have to put up with this irritation! Some nerdy designers have come up with a specially created pair of headphones for sleeping in, appropriately named Bedphones. These headphones are really thin, flat and cushioned which make them super comfortable to sleep on. They also feature a hook design and moldable memory wire which helps them to grip on to your ear and stay in place when you’re having a restless night.

Not only that but you can also download a free Bedphones app for your smartphone which modifies your music playing phone to make it more convenient to use before bed. It has three modes; basic mode turns your entire phone screen into a giant play/pause button to stop you fumbling about, timer mode gives you the option to gradually decrease your music volume to zero as the timer runs down, and smart mode turns your music off automatically when you fall asleep, which is determined by how much you move.

The Lark alarm clock also helps you monitor your sleeping pattern. The device consists of an app and a wristband. The wristband will monitor your movement and sleep pattern. This then creates a sleep assessment for the user which shows how the person slept and how they compare with others. You can also receive a personalised and actionable plan to sleep better.

Not only that, but the app also wakes the user up through vibrating. This means that the alarm won’t disturb a sleeping partner.

Will you be investing in any of these gadgets to help you sleep at night?

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