iPad 3 could be with us by September

by Emma Dunn

The dust has barely settled on the release of the iPad 2, but this afternoon the internet is humming with rumours that an iPad 3 release could come as early as September.

Yes, this September.

This means that the iPad 3 will launch in time for the Christmas rush, and break Apple’s tradition of releasing upgrades annually.

The iPad 3 will enter the market at the iPad 2’s current price point, and the iPad 2 will drop in price in order to get rid of the last stock.

We still don’t know the exact specs of the latest iPad, but an anonymous Apple employee told Techradar that the iPad 2 was a bit of a rush job and that iPad 3 is “the one to make a song and dance about”.

There had been rumours that the new iPad 3 would feature a new quad-core A6 processor, but with such a tight launch date that now seems unlikely. Chances are the new iPad will sport the same dual-core A5 chip unless they push the release back to 2012.

However, it is likely that the new iPad will boast an impressive resolution retina display, which will be capable of delivering HD images and will have a much higher resolution than the current model.

Other rumoured features include up to 128GB storage, an SD card slot and a carbon fibre case, but these are yet to be confirmed.

Other rumours have suggested that the upcoming model will be an ‘iPad 2 pro’ rather than an ‘iPad 3’, but there has yet to be any official confirmation on this.

Start saving now, folks. It looks like it’s going to be an expensive Christmas.

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