Recharge your mobile while waiting for the bus!

by Jenna Mc

It happens to everyone, you are out and about and your mobile phone battery dies. With nowhere to charge it you are forced to carry on throughout the day with no music, no contact with anyone and no way to check Facebook. But now people travelling by bus have a solution, recharge your mobile by plugging it in to the bus shelter!

The bus shelter design is courtesy of Vitaminwater’s latest advertising campaign. They have teamed up with a creative advertising company, Crispin Porter and Bogusky, in order to convey that their vitamin water can provide you with energy after a long day. The design is the first of the “You’re Up” campaign. The bus shelter shows a large bottle of Vitaminwater with the slogan “Alternative Energy Source” and a built in 5-volt battery powered USB port.

And it’s not just your phone, the USB port can be used for charging any device which has a USB cable, so you can charge game consoles and MP3 players as well, or even your ebook.

Unfortunately the USB ports can only be found at bus shelters in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, at the moment. Which is a shame because a nice design like this would look better than the graffiti normally found on the bus shelters of the UK!

Although for the bus shelter charge point to be useful it will depend on the user carrying their USB cable about with them, which most people don’t tend to do. The designers probably didn’t consider the arguments that the design could cause either. With lots of busy commuters needing power there may be some issues over who gets to use the device.

There is also a big concern that a public USB port is dangerous since viruses could be transferred from other devices. There is the possibility that computer vandals could infect the bus shelter charger with virus software and commuters could then pick up the virus and pass it on their home computers.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see public USB recharge points in the UK or do you think the risk they pose to your devices is too great?

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