Google+ for iPhone goes live!

by Jac Thurmond

The anticipation is over: Apple have finally gone and posted the anticipated Google+ iOS app on iTunes and Twitter!

It was anyone’s guess for a while on whether or not Google+ would even be picked up. Apple and Google haven’t had the best of relationships in the past, with Apple being reject happy on quite a few of Google’s submitted apps. But it looks like the draw of a being part of a potentially game-changing social networking site was too much to resist.

Making Google+ easily accessible on both iPhones and iPads, Google+ for iPhone totally sweetens the pot for Google+ defectors. The app is already on the market for Android phones, but this new addition gains Google+ an entirely new area of potential market share. Could this be what gives the site more of a competitive edge against social media giants Twitter and Facebook?

Check out the product page here for more info.

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