Women’s World Cup Breaks Twitter Records

by Emma Dunn

Japan’s victory over the USA in the FIFA Women’s World cup sent the internet alight last night, with the event smashing Twitter records.

Japan beat the USA in Frankfurt 3-1 with a nailbiting penalty shoot out, resulting in the first Women’s World Cup win for an Asian team.

According to Twitter, people watching the game sent up to 7,196 tweets a second – smashing the previous record of 6,939 tweets per second set on New Year’s day in Japan.

The tweet rate far suprassed the Mens 2010 world cup final, which only managed to achieve a paltry 3,283 tweets per second in comparison.

Twitter also announced that another game – Paraguay v Brasil – caused the second biggest influx of tweets, at a rate on 7,166 per second.

Among the masses of Tweeters was American president Barack Obama, who tweeted: “Couldn’t be prouder of the women of #USWNT after a hard-fought game. Congratulations to Japan, Women’s World Cup Champions.”

The World Cup Final also caused an amusing Twitter spat between Piers Morgan and Michael Owen about penalty strategy.

“Trick with penalties is go hard, high and in the corners. Just a heads-up to US soccer fans…. ” Morgan tweeted at the beginning of the shootout.

Owen quickly retorted: “Nothing worse than somebody that’s never kicked a ball advising others how to do it. I sure the US girls will welcome @piersmorgan’s advice.”

The war of words soon descended into mud-slinging, with Morgan calling the football player a “benchwarming midget” and Owen commenting on the TV star’s saggy “moobs”.

Twitter: a universal forum where the world’s minds can come together as one or just a handy place to spy on celebritie’s petty fights? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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