5 tech-types on Twitter you should be following

by Jac Thurmond

As of today, Twitter has been on the web feeding us a steady stream of 140-character newsbites for half a decade. So in honour of the big day, here are five people in tech worth following.

Padmasree Warrior (@Padmasree) – As CTO of Cisco systems, she’s probably going to be one of the highest ranking techies you can follow on Twitter who actually post tech-relevant info.

Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) – Now-former editor in chief of PCMag. He mainly tweets on social media issues, but also expect a wide range of all things tech.

Charlene Li (@charleneli) – Founder of the Altimeter Group and a regular tweeter on Social Media and online marketing issues. Definitely an industry leader to keep up with.

Ben Parr (@benparr) – Editor of Mashable and hilarious. Another account to follow if news and commentary on social media is your thing.

Chris Anderson (@chr1sa)- Head Honcho for Wired Magazine and great to follow for general tech news. He’s also pretty funny (is it a trend with editors or something?).

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