OS X Lion: the wait is over?

by Jacquelyn Thurmond

While Apple had announced in June that a $29.99 Lion update for users running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard would be on the market in July, the exact release date is still being kept tightly under wraps.

Well, be tormented by the agony of anticipation no longer, Apple fans, because it looks like the long wait might finally be over. Industry insiders are pointing to Lion being available as early as next week.

Two Mac special interest blogs released statements late last night reporting movement within Apple’s retail arm, with 9to5Mac talking about overnights being scheduled on July 13th and AppleInsider receiving reports that Apple internal retail news is advising store managers to upgrade the RAM on showroom models by July 10th at the latest. Sounds suspiciously like new release prep, no?

OS X Lion is promising to roll out with 250 new features, from full screen apps to improved multitouch touchpad gestures to iCloud integration. It’s going to be released with a newly updated version of the MacBook Air, which is expected to offer, among other things, Thunderbolt ports and 400MBps flash memory.

Is OS X Lion with the updated Air worth camping out for? Or is it just another cog in the Apple hype machine? Share your thoughts here.

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