Google+ app Awaits approval from Apple

by debrac

News that Google have submitted an IOS app to Apple for approval has created new excitement if any were needed surrounding the launch of Google+.

In a bid to improve the chances of success for it’s fledgling social networking site, against industry giants Facebook and Twitter, it has has been confirmed an app for use on iphone and ipads has been submitted by Google for approval. Although there has been no official statement from Google confirmation came when Google employee Erica Joy posted on her Google+ page: “For my iphone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.”

Although an app is already available for Android Smartphones, if an iOS app is approved it will mean big things for Google+. It is important for Google+ to be available on as many mobile devices as it can in order to stand a chance at rivaling Facebook. Being on the App store can enable it to do so and not just because of the exposure it will receive by simply being available on the App Store.

Push alerts will also allow users to really engage with the app and therefore with Google+, if the iOS app is rejected then iphone users may find themselves left with simply a browser-based web application and who will want to use that when they get a much better app for use with Facebook and Twitter?

So what are the chances that this app will be approved? Well…looking at Google’s past success with Apple I’m not so sure. Apple has always harboured a tight reign over what is allowed on it’s platform and has therefore rejected other Google apps. Google voice and Google Latitude were both rejected by Apple and interestingly enough Voice was said to be rejected as it copied one of the iphones core functions, this raises possible questions for the success of the Google+ app.

As one of the more exciting features of Google+ compared to Facebook and Twitter is it’s ‘Hangout’ project I wonder if a version of ‘Hangout’ will be a feature on the iOS app? Although it doesn’t seem to be on the current Android version of the app could there be temptation on Googles part to make use of the iphones capabilities and include ‘Hangout’ for iOS and could this therefore be infringing on the iphone 4′s Facetime function?

Quite frankly there is no way of knowing if Apple will accept this app (because lets face it, Apple don’t have to do anything they don’t really want to) and if they do there is no telling how good it could be BUT if it does get the green light there could be interesting times ahead for Google+.

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