Online tools to help you look nerdy

by Jenna Mc

As hardworking nerds we all deserve some down time at work. However, most employers frown upon the use of social media sites like Facebook when we should really be doing some important work related task. Now some sociable nerds have developed online tools and downloadable apps which allow us to browse our social networks without getting into trouble at the office.

As part of Diesel’s “Be Stupid” advertising campaign, they have launched a Be Stupid at Work downloadable app. This makes Facebook look like a an Excel spread sheet, by feeding your entire Facebook stream into an app that looks like spread sheet. This enables you to update your status or search for friends in the formula bar. Your boss will think you are hard at work while you’re really posting status updates! Just make sure your boss doesn’t look too closely, otherwise they will realise what your spreadsheet is really about.

Volkswagen Side assist is a system for a consumer’s car which warns drivers about approaching cars. However, the car manufacture has come up with an alternative use for their system and a creative way to publicise this technology. The creation of Side assist office allows users to surf the web, chat, or check Facebook without being caught by their boss or other nosey colleagues. The online tool uses your webcam to detect movement behind you, and when it does detect movement, it automatically displays business charts that make you look busy.

Although many employers block social media claiming it results in a loss of productivity, there are many studies which have shown that social networking can make office workers are more productive, efficient and creative. These online tools should be popular, considering the large number of people who use social media sites for personal use at work.

The involvement of these big name brands in social apps shows that advertising is not all about just selling products. Volkswagen and Diesel are seen to be building brand involvement with their consumers and hoping that an association with these fun apps may be a deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase decision.

What do you think about the use of social media in the work place? Does is made you a more productive nerd?

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