Is Skype to power Facebook video chat?

In a speedy rebuttal to the launch of Google+, it has been rumoured that Facebook has teamed up with Skype to provide a new video chat feature.

According to a source over at TechCrunch, the collaboration will result in a ‘deep integration’ of the two systems.

It will also provide direct competition to the ‘Hangout’ feature of Google+, which launched just last week.

Zuckerberg told the US press to prepare for something “awesome”, and invites have been sent out for the big announcement on the 6th July. However, the invites themselves are vague at best, with the chat symbol providing the only clue to the nature of the announcement.

Details on how Facebook video chat will work are a bit sketchy at the moment, however the source has claimed it will work directly within the user’s internet browser.

This is great news for Skype, as it means their user base could potentially quadruple to the 750 million users that are currently active on Facebook.

We are itching to see what this interesting collaboration has in store, but unfortunately we will have to wait until July 6th to find out about the plans in full.

Will this be enough to divert interest away from Google+? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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