Will Google+ be the system that finally topples Facebook?

by Emma Dunn

Google has finally announced the latest system that they hope will be able to take on the might of Facebook: Google+.

With around 750 million users, Facebook is easily the biggest social networking site in the world. So, does Google really have a chance of topping Zuckerberg’s giant?

Let’s face it, if anyone stands a chance against Facebook, it’s Google. They are probably the biggest digital brand in the world today and they have tried their hand at creating social products before (but the less said about Google Buzz and Google Wave the better).

Its hard to tell whether they will have more success this time around, but they have certainly come up with some new intriguing concepts, such as Circles, Sparks and Hangout.

Imagine the scene: you’ve found this really hilarious video on the internet, but you’re not sure if everyone in your friends list will be interested. Never fear! Google is here with a new concept: Circles.

See, Google argues that in real life we have different groups of friends: colleagues, family, old school buddies and those weird guys you know through the stamp collector’s club. So why should our virtual life be any different?

Google Circles will let us share really cool stuff with the people who would also find it really cool. Another perk of this system is that you’ll no longer be sending pictures of your wild nights out to your Mum, and thats got to be a good thing, right?

You also have the option to integrate your interests into the network, using Sparks. By inputting the things you love into Google+, you will have access to some of the most popular and interesting things on the web specifically tailored to you.

You can also share this content with your Circles, so you will always have something cool to talk about:

In addition to Circles and Sparks, you also have the option to ‘Hangout’ with other people online. Kind of like an informal video conference, this function allows you to talk to your a group of your friends spontaneously face to face.

Skype already kind of have a monopoly on this kind of thing, but if it is executed well within the Google+ system, it may have a good chance of taking off:

So will Google+ be the network that finally takes down Facebook? Or will it be relegated to the digital depths like its predecessors Wave and Buzz? Only time will tell.

Either way, everyone here at ‘Nerd Towers’ already has their email on the waiting list and we are eagerly awaiting our invites!

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