4.7 inch HTC Eternity leaked!

by Kevin Gilmartin

Smartphone giant HTC’s latest offering has been leaked, and looks like it’s going to be big….

…no, I mean literally BIG! According to the German HTC watcher HTCInside (translated via Google) the HTC Eternity will sport a 4.7 inch LCD screen! That’s pretty chunky stuff, and it’s borderline whether or not it could reasonably be called a phone at that size; it’s more like a small tablet than a large phone. The Dell Streak proudly claims tablet status with a 5 inch screen.

The HTC Eternity will also sport:

a Qualcomm, single-core 1.5GHz processor
16GB on-board storage
8MP camera & 1.3MP front-facing camera
720p HD video capture
Tablet/phone hybrid fans will be pretty excited by these specs, but perhaps less excited by the news that the OS will not be the smooth and now-proven Android/HTC Sense combo that turned HTC’s Desire series into many a user’s iPhone alternative of choice.

The HTC Enternity will run Microsoft’s newly rebooted Windows Phone 7 (Mango). After a disappointing series of damp WinPho squibs, the HTC eternity could well be make-or-break time for Microsoft’s mobile ambitions.

HTCInside’s leak did not say when the HTC Eternity will be be released, but it’s reasonable to assume that we’ll it late Autumn/early Winter, just after the rumoured iPhone 5 release date.

What do you think? Is there a future for Window Phone, or is Microsoft too late to compete with iOS and Android?

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