A guide to the best finance apps and websites

May 30, 2012


Not everyone is good at managing their money. But if you struggle to work out where your wages go every month or find yourself counting down the days until payday, don’t fret! Help is readily at hand to get you money-savvy – you just need to know where to look.

The internet is teeming with websites offering up advice on how to best manage your money and make that pay packet go further. Now, in the age of the smartphone, plenty of apps are emerging to do the same. But where to start?

Here is a rundown of some of the best apps and websites to help your bank balance get back that all-important healthy glow…

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The Debt Dog

This nifty little app can work out the true cost of a purchase you’re planning to make on a credit card and show you the true cost, taking into account the interest your purchase will accumulate.


Track your income and expenses with this handy app and find out exactly where your money goes each month. iWallet was developed by real-life financial advisors and creates charts and reports to give you an honest picture of where your hard-earned cash goes.


You know when you think you’ve got yourself a real bargain, only to walk into another shop a few days later to find the product at an even lower price? That doesn’t need to happen anymore.

Using the RedLaser app, you can take a quick scan of a barcode and it will search online for you to find the best price, meaning you can rack up some serious savings.


Bit of both


A one-stop shop for all your money matters, this website offers honest advice on everything from car insurance to balance transfers. The best thing about this website is the comparison tools it offers, so you can find out in second which financial product suits you best. MoneySupermarket even has an app to help you find car insurance too.


Another jack-of-all-trades, Mint has been called the ‘eBay of personal finance software’. Using either the website or app, you can securely link your accounts – current, business and credit cards. Mint will sort out your transactions into categories, create a budget and keep track of your overall financial health.


Most people who’ve shopped online will have used PayPal at some point or another, and now the quick payment service has evolved into a super handy app. Now you can transfer money to your friends instantly by bumping your phones together – a much easier way to pay for a round or even split the bill.

Are there any finance apps or websites that you find particularly helpful? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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