Vintage Phones for Landline Lovers Everywhere

April 23, 2012

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Image via JohnnyCupc

For most of us, the days of the landline telephone have long passed. And for the most part it’s great.

We no longer have to live with annoying dinnertime calls from telemarketers. Teenagers don’t have to die from embarassement when their sibling answers and says, ‘She’s taking a dump right now, can she call you back?’ Best of all, we don’t have to remember everyone’s phone number anymore!

But as with any technological advancement, nostalgia rears its ugly head and somehow makes you long for the days when things were worse. While this may be irrational, you can’t deny that landline telephones did have a bit more swagger than the boring rectangle mobiles of today.

In honour of this bygone era, let’s take a look at some of the best vintage phones from the ‘good ol’ days’:

The Hamburger Phone

As showcased by Juno MacDuff, you can’t get much cooler than the burger phone.

burger phone

Image by Redlands597198 via Wikimedia commons

Banana Mod

This hip phone reminds me of bananas, but not actual bananas. It reminds me of the bananas in a box of Runts candy.

yellow phone

Image by westbournegrove via

 The Candlestick Phone

Popular from the late 1880s through the 1930s (thanks, Wikipedia), this iconic design is just so elegant.

candlestick phone

Image by Crosley via

See-Through Phone

This design did to phones what Jellies did to sandals. Nifty!

see through phone

Image via

Fancy Bejeweled Pink Telephone

This seems like the phone a sassy grandma should have.

pink fancy phone

Image via Mrs Amber Apple via Pinterest

 Kiss Phone

This phone takes that Souja Boy song ‘Kiss Me Through the Phone‘ literally. HAHA

phone lips

Image via


Which of these throwback phones is your favourite? Do you miss your landline? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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