They Drew That On Draw Something?

March 27, 2012


draw something

Image Via Gurms

The mobile game Draw Something has taken the world by storm recently, becoming the number one game in most major countries. It was only a couple of months ago when the developers Omgpop were staring down the barrel of bankruptcy. That is until Cityville developers Zynga bought them for £113 milion. 

Now, Draw Something has become something of a phenomenon, achieving downloads in the region of 35 million and a billion drawings a week to boot .

Essentially, the mobile game has brought Pictionary into the 21st century much like Words With Friends and Scrabble. Who plays board games nowadays anyway? It’s all about the mobile and players are lapping it up.

I can’t draw with a pen and paper never mind using my finger and a tiny screen. But other people can and have been producing some rather good drawings that are fairly easy to guess. Let’s take a look at some of them shall we?

Source: via Elaine on Pinterest

Source: via Brandon on Pinterest

Source: via Andrew on Pinterest

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